Decoding the deep connection between football and betting

Nothing better than football!

No honestly! Just consider this, more than fifty percent of the people in North America and 80 percent of them in the US alone think highly about football. It is the national favorite game of the country. Americans can talk football, walk reading about football; fall asleep while watching football and wake up to football. Football forms a healthy part of conversations in everyday life and people anywhere, at homes, gyms; hotels and bars and even at workplaces. People can discuss football like it is oxygen to them. They might like pass out sometimes if they stop talking about it! Margaret Heffernan is believed to have said that for better ideas and greater innovations, one must encourage human interaction, conflicts, arguments and debates. This also holds to good in real life. When people discuss football and discuss vociferously their love for the sport and the pride and adulation that they have for their chosen teams, they are also consequently altering mentally their choice of favorite teams or strengthening it and expressing just how much they would be ready to bet on the chance of their favorite team’s winning. It naturally widens the person’s horizon.

Of course, this comes at a big risk

Risks, you say? What risk? People love to quote whether they know for sure the authenticity or not: Well, to start with, people love to show off their new found knowledge and irrespective of whether they have got their facts right or not, they will quote with authority something that they have read or heard somewhere.
Not all information about football and football betting on the internet is true: The root of all the problems actually arises from the fact that there is a lot of false football betting information that is rampant on all kinds of media. There is so much of re-lapping information on the various media that the truth is conveniently lost
The danger of misinformation and people acting on such information is real. It is obvious that when a theory or proposition is around for a long time and you hear everyone reiterating the same thing you also start believing that it must be a fact and thus you also start endorsing it. Eventually, it starts sounding as authentic.

How the discussion helps him

The more a person discusses the sport and the betting on football or for that matter any other sport, he is most definitely able to improve his own betting results because when people around him are talking and discussing it helps him to think about his own choice from various angles points of view. And believe me you must, this exercise is the most helpful.When you are on the lookout for the Best Free Bets & Bookmaker Betting Offers in the UK you are bound to come across a number of options to choose from.


This is a general disclaimer for you to know and understand that everything that you hear and read may not be precisely correct. And therefore, you must try to verify

your facts before you act upon any unverified knowledge. The best way to do it is to read a lot and mostly from different sources. When you hear a lot of different

people saying different things, you most definitely will come to know that there is something which is not quite right and further investigation on your part may shed some light on it.

Here’s the big truth: most football better are big time losers

While most of you will choose to argue with this statement and some of you even at the expense of defending themselves, it is in reality a fact. The problem however is not with the wagerer or the betting on the sports but on the nature of the sport that makes it so difficult to make a winning bet. Let me make it extremely clear that the bookmakers in football betting are extremely skilled and they do not easily allow the wagerer to win that easily. Add to this the fact that most wagerers on football are fans of their favorite teams and they casually or recreationally bet on their favorite teams and players just for the fun bit and the kick that they get on the wager. But when we are talking of seriously betting and eventually raking money out of such bets, the reality is not so rosy like people would believe it to be.